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Leaking Shower Repairs

How To Fix A Leaking Shower

Do you have a shower that is leaking or dripping?
That leaking shower is likely to be driving up your water bills too!
Let’s look at the options to fix the issue – Some of the options maybe able to be a DIY job that you can easily complete yourself and fix the issue.
Other reasons why a shower is leaking will require a plumber and possibly a builder if there is structural damage caused by leaking water.

The First Step Is To Identify The Type Of The Leak

Identifying the location of a leaking shower before attempting to fix it is essential.
The leak could be coming from several different places, and finding the source of the problem is the only way to resolve it.

What To look For

  • Signs of water damage – Can you see discolouration on the plasterboard walls around the shower? (Water discolouration can range from light grey to brown.)
  • Is there signs of water on the walls outside of the bathroom?
  • If the shower is on a second or third level, is there signs of water on the ceiling that is under the bathroom area?
  • Is there damage to the timber in the door frame? It will happen at floor level you will see the timber is starting to swell with water seeping into it.
  • Have you noticed wet carpet around the bathroom – It often happens in an en suite, the bedroom carpet is wet around the en suite doorway.
  • Is there puddles of water on the bathroom floor after the shower has been used?
    Can you see if there is a loose tile in the shower or has the grout got a lot of cracks and holes in it? 
new shower installation

Once you can see where the leak is coming from, you can take steps to fix it or tell the plumber what is happening!

For example, if you find loose tiles in your shower, these need to be replaced and re-grouted to stop any further leakage. You may need to get the entire shower re tiled if the waterproof membrane has been compromised.
Plumbmaster Plumbers can help assess if this is the case and organise the repairs to be done.

If it’s a plumbing issue, such as a broken pipe then it needs to be fixed by a qualified plumber.
It’s also possible that the drain has become blocked with hair and soap scum, if you have a drain snake you can attempt to see if you can remove the blockage.

If The Leak Is Severe – Call A Plumber!

If you can see that there is extensive water damage, the only way to rectify this is to call a plumber.
A burst pipe is considered an emergency plumbing job, so do not delay to call a plumber.
The plumber may instruct you to turn off the water before they arrive to minimise the damage.

The process for shutting off the water supply will vary depending on your home’s plumbing system, but typically involves one of three things:

• Shutting off the main water supply: This is usually located outside of where pipes enter your home. If this option applies to you, simply turn off the main valve so no water can travel to your shower.

• Shutting off a local valve: Some homes may have valves near individual fixtures such as showers or toilets. If there’s one near your shower, simply turn it clockwise until it stops and shuts off all water flow to that fixture.

• Shutting off an isolation valve: Isolation valves are typically located right behind a fixture like a shower and can be used to shut down just that area without turning off other appliances in your home. To operate these valves, turn them clockwise until they stop moving.

By following these steps, you now have stopped all water flow from reaching your leaking shower and can make necessary repairs without worrying about further damage or flooding in your home.

Blocked Shower Drain Causing A Leak In The Shower

Although this does not happen often, it can happen!
Drains are designed to drain and not have water sitting in the pipe.

If you see that the water is not draining quickly away when you use the shower, this is a reason to get it sorted.
A blocked drain will only get worse over time and end up causing other issues – like leaks!
Drains have a series of joins and seals and when water runs over them, there is no problem.
When water is sitting where a join or seal is, water can start to seep out and cause damage to the surrounding areas and drip down the outside of the pipes causing damage within the wall cavities.

drain snake

You can attempt to clear the drain yourself with a a drain snake, you can grab inexpensive ones from Bunnings
and they are designed to latch into clumps of hair which you pull back up through the drain ( Get prepared for the “Ick Factor”
If you cannot clear the blockage – it is time to call a plumber – Blocked Drains are our specialty – we love them!

Is Your Shower Dripping From The Shower Head Or Taps?

A leaking or dripping shower is not a plumbing emergency like a leaking or burst pipe – But they do need to be fixed!
A constantly dripping shower is not only going to drive you crazy and it will add to your water bill.
Even though a shower is designed to get wet, they are not designed to be wet 24 hours a day with water pooling on the shower floor.
This will lead to the grout starting to be damaged and then waterlogged, which will then seep under the tiles and start the tiles being waterlogged and lifting away.

Replacing The Shower Head And Valve

Buying a new shower head is straightforward, going to a plumbing wholesaler such as Reece or Tradelink and select the new fixture or tapware.
Avoid buying plumbing supplies online unless you know the brand. cheap imports are cheap for a reason and they will often fail a lot sooner than more reputable brands.

If you think you can replace it, you can attempt it by the following steps:

Firstly, turn off the water supply by locating the shutoff valves to your home. You will be without water while the repair is being done.

When installing your new components, be sure to:

  •  Wrap the threads of both parts in plumber’s tape
  • Tighten the connection with an adjustable wrench
  • Test for any leaks by running water through each side

Finally, turn on your water supply and check that your shower is no longer leaking.
If everything looks good, you can now enjoy your leak-free shower!

If you cannot get them correctly installed or they are still dripping – Call our team and we can quickly fit and install the new tap ware and make sure there are no other issues with the shower.

The cost of repairing a leaking shower depends on the extent of the damage and whether or not you have to replace any parts.
If the shower has caused damage to your walls and ceilings, you can check your home insurance and arrange repairs through a claim.

In conclusion, keeping an eye all your walls and ceiling to look for signs of water damage  in the house from potential leaks is essential.
If you do end up with a leaky shower, it can be fixed relatively easily if you get it in time and Plumbmaster Plumbers are your local plumber on hand to help!

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