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What is Trenchless Pipe Relining?

Pipe Relining is a technique that has been available for over 10 years but is still a largely unknown alternative to pipe replacement. Because it’s been available for so long, you can be sure that it is a true-tested method to achieve superior results with a significantly lower cost and less downtime.

Usually when a pipe is damaged, you locate the damaged pipe, dig it up, ensure there are no additional blockages, lay new pipe and seal it to the existing pipe. This can be difficult when different materials are involved or when the pipe is below a permanent obstruction such as a plant, driveway, building, etc. Additionally, digging up the pipe can leave lawns and buildings damaged. It also adds to the cost of the job.

Fortunately, pipe relining is a trenchless (no digging required) operation. After clearing a blockage, a resin is used to line the inside of the existing pipe creating a seamless and extremely durable finish. Best of all, the job is significantly shorter and is ready in just a few hours. That’s significantly less downtime than the alternative.

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The Advantages of Pipe Relining

Significantly Lower Cost

Pipe relining can save you thousands of dollars. Because the job is far less labour intensive and involves significantly fewer materials, the cost is far less. Additionally, sometimes, excavators and digging equipment may need to be hired to locate and remove the existing pipe. This can all add up when replacing an existing pipe.

Long-term solution

Pipe relining is a reliable long-term solution offering between 10 and 50 years guarantee depending on the product used. So don’t think that it’s a quick-fix short-term solution as it is highly reliable and effective.

Additionally, the seamless finish can prevent condensation from arising. As a result, it makes it more difficult for tree roots to find, damage and block your pipes.

No damage is done to your property

Because no trenches have been dug, there is significantly less damage to your property. Pipe relining is a trenchless operation designed to deliver a number of benefits.

The Limitations of Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is used to patch up small holes and cracks. The resin needs existing pipe with structural integrity to bind to and support. Crushed pipe or pipe with large holes will need to be dug up and replaced.

Affordable and Reliable Pipe Relining

Outstanding Pipe Relining, without breaking the bank

As a family-owned business, our plumbers put their heart into their work. Our team always delivers exceptional-quality workmanship for pipe relining at an affordable price. Our upfront pricing and transparent explanations allow you to become better informed about the job at hand and why our premium solutions are here to stay for the long-run.

With that in mind, all our pricing is very competitive and affordable. We only provide you with high-quality solutions that will give you peace of mind and save you time in the long-run. Don’t stress about your plumbing problems and don’t waste time organising another plumber to come out for the same issue. Get it done right the first time and never look back. That’s the peace of mind you’ll get with our premium affordable pipe relining and plumbing solutions.

Why choose Plumbmaster Plumbing for your next Pipe Relining job?

Plumbmaster Plumbing is your local family-friendly pipe relining specialist. We’re fully licenced and insured and provide warranties with all our pipe relining work. When we come to your home or business, we’ll assess the damage to the existing pipe and determine if Pipe Relining is going to be plausible. Otherwise, we can provide you with the next best long-term alternative.

We aim to always provide you with the best long-term solution to all your plumbing concerns. It all starts with a chat to determine what your needs are and how we can meet them with a tailored solution.

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Our plumbers are all hand-picked for their years of experience and their attitude. So when you work with Plumbmaster Plumbing, you’ll always speak to a family-friendly and knowledgeable plumber.
Furthermore, all our team members are trained to uphold our strict quality standards for all plumbing work and customer service. This includes providing you with the best advice and best solutions for any plumbing problem.

Because all of our team members are highly experienced and highly knowledgeable, they’ll be able to provide you with the best long-term solution. Whilst other plumbers might be in and out, can you be sure that they’ve done a complete job?
Was it a quick fix or have they diagnosed the root cause of the problem to prevent it from happening again?
Our experienced plumbers have seen quick fixes that have failed to prevent the inevitable because they have failed to address the problem at the source.
Plumbmaster Plumbing avoids this type of work to guarantee your satisfaction.

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